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QTH:Cap Malheureux
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Operating from Loc: LH80TA  -  MAURITIUS

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If After our QSO you don't see your callsign or if you see a spelling mistake in my Log online,

don't hesitate to send me an email for correction.

  desertt   I am located in the very North part of Mauritius island.

Very young, fascinated at home by voices and sounds from the old radio, I spent quite some time listening to foreign broadcasts. I carried on later for many years with increasing excitement short waves monitoring as SWL. I am now back to the island of my family's origin where I have the privilege to operate with my 3B8HH callsign.

I've done a few jobs, and for more than 10 years I have worked as reporter-photographer mainly based in Asia for one of the biggest international press photo agency. In the early 90's I have then been back to my educational training and worked as technician installing professional radio systems, maintaining communication sites, training radio operators and managing these HF, VHF, UHF and satellite voice and data networks in different countries on several continents. A new assignment in that field made me work on rapid response communication systems and deployment in disaster and emergency situations. I've then been in charge to coordinate and implement telecom strategy and preparedness to ensure safety of staff working in countries in or facing critical situations... Then, after having been running my private radio telecommunication company and several long breaks in my amateur radio activity I am smoothly back to this marvellous hobby and mainly operating CW. I am time to time active in PHONE.

I especially enjoy DX’ing with QRP and low power equipment.

desertt  I am also licenced as F5UKV and HB9DNG. In 1994, I have been active as 9Q5RP (now expired callsign). Along some years, I have operated in 5H, 5T, 5X, 9U, 9X, HB, OZ, TG9, W2, YV5, XE1, XE3, SV5,...

1977 member of REF Nb.34288, 1978 life member of CDXC Nb.277, 1994 life member of ITU IARC, 1996 member of 4U1UN UNSRC, 1996 member of UFT Nb.832, 1998 member of USKA Nb.9158, 2007 member of HTC Nb.225, 2008 member of 30MDG Nb.283 member of EPC Nb.3093 (EU area SZ08), member of DMC Nb.1031, member of the IRESC, 2010 member of CFT Nb.145, 2011 member of the GEM and 2014 member of SKCC Nb.12657, 2022 member of MARS.

 My QSL policy: The exchange of paper QSL card has been a common practice since the earlies day of amateur radio. I like to confirm contacts with a QSL card exchange because I also find it the final courtesy of a QSO.It is also recipient's obligation to reply to paper QSL card promptly. 

If you wish to receive a paper QSL card please send your card with a self addressed envelope. PLEASE DON'T SEND stamps or IRC's, they are not used here. Even if no postage is enclosed, I always will answer a card, because I am from the old school of Amateur Radio where gentlemen are gentlemen and should not have to BUY a QSL.

I do not e-QSL. Sorry for the inconvenience this might cause to SOME but up to now I do NOT plan yet to QSL electronically and try to minimize the use of electronic communication, ...I prefere radio.

I am often monitoring the Mauritius VHF network linked to EchoLink, thanks to Rachid who maintains EchoLink 3B8FP-R node (id: 790496) up and running. When connected to my computer, my personal Echolink ID is 814608.

I'm also active on DMR BrandMeister (my ID is 6170007).

Beside this radio hobby, I also like several kinds of music, but I'm fond of Rock 'n Roll and love motorbikes.

My latest one, is my 8th bike,  a 1750 cc which still make me enjoy a "more and MORE restricted" freedom on roads to feel engine vibrations... I also do have fun in customizing my bike performance ...pale...

Looking for to contacting you soon and, if it is not already done, writing your callsign in my log, best 73.

I especially enjoy CW at night (my local time)




Home made stand alone Portable All DATA modes, CW and Phone HF "GoKit" 1,8 - 30 MHz, 0,5 - 25 Watts

Usually output PWR 1 Watt to 5 Watts ... funny isn't it ?

 Animated image showing a straight key sending CQ in Morse code

 We are not strangers, just friends who have not yet met, 73 de Ray

FlagCounter 3B8HH

Awarded the 3B8M Flag Expedition for the CQWW CW 2022




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