About HamQTH

Welcome to the free hamradio callbook. This callbook provides all data for free and you will not have to log in to see any detail unlike other sites. It includes also XML access for logging programs. You can use everything from HamQTH as often as you want without limits. The server has lots of power available and the Internet connection is unlimited.

By registering on this website server, you can also edit or correct your information and write a little about yourself and/or add photos. The unique thing is you can choose if you want your address or other personal details to be shown to unregistered users. It is your choice, not mine. I won't hide your address or any details. Only you decide to do that. Your address will be shared by anyone, unless you choose otherwise. Also I won't modify or censor any user's profile. We are hamradio operators and I believe there is no need to filter anything. Because of new law about data protection, most of data is hidden and it's only up to you what you allow to others. The default privacy settings is very restricted and unregistered users will see only very basic data like first name and QTH. More in the new Privacy section.

HamQTH provides you this features:

  • very clear station profile without any moving banners
  • the top profile picture can be designed using a mouse directly in the browser
  • unlimited "About me" section thant won't be modified by anybody else, only you can change it
  • "Recent activity" information shows how often is station active on the air (calling CQ, posting to the DX cluster, spotted in the DX cluster
  • powerfull map with location of the station
  • DX condition to the station location based on current sun spots
  • very powerfull log search function with many options
  • DX cluster fully customizable using filters
  • dx cluster can color the spots according to an uploaded log to HamQTH (you'll see new spots in red, new bands in blue etc. also fully customizable)
  • Website can speak to you in your native language (if is it translated into it)
  • and many more small details that are very useful

I wish to say thanks to a few people who are helping me a lot.

Dan, OK1HRA http://ok1hra.nagano.cz - Dan created the design of the front page and all logos. He has very a good sense of graphics, colors and user interfaces.
My wife Misa (OK2-36141) - http://www.hamqth.com/ok2-36141 She is the best wife you can marry. She is supporting me at everything I'm working on. I spent too many nights developing this site and she was the first to register and use this site.
Martin, OK1RR http://www.ok1rr.com - Martin is maintainer of DXCC tables used by DX cluster and provided by API.
Joe, WC4R http://www.wc4r.com Joe donated callbook.us domain to HamQTH and also helping me with my poor English.

HamQTH support team members

Have fun using HamQTH.com!

Petr, OK2CQR - owner of HamQTH.com