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Why do we need another callbook? Why you not just register to other site and use their callbook?
Because I don't agree with the policy of one very popular server. My mission is to create free hamradio callbook and will not sell addresses I've got for free. I won't modify or censor any user's profile.

I just registered, but the callsign counter number on the front page stayed the same. Why?
The number is updated once per hour to decrease the database load. Please reload the page later.

This site is great! How can I help you?
If you have access to any free callbooks, please let me know via my email (petr @ Or if you want to send a donation, you can do that via PayPal. My PayPal account address is also Or you can just spread all around the world that this nice site exists. Banners are available. Thank you!

I've found a bug. What should I do?
Please send me the bug report to petr @ Thank you!

I don't want to have my address on your server, how can I remove it?
If you are already registered, you can delete everything except your name and QTH. If you want to be completely removed, please let me know to my email petr @, I'll remove all the information permanently.

I'd like to have HamQTH translated into my language. Where can I get more information?
HamQTH language files are available for download here. If you have any problems, please let me know to petr @ Thanks a lot!

I didn't upload any picture to HamQTH but there is a pohoto on the top of the page. Why?
If you are not registered or don't have any picture uploaded, HamQTH uses random image from common profile pictures. The website with pictures looks much better and it also encourages people to upload their own images.