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Name:Chinese Radio Amateurs Club
Web: www.crac.org.cn
Email: cq55@crac.org.cn
ITU: 43
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On 5th May 1940, Chinese amateur radio operators started “On air conference”. On 5th May 1947, the

conference covered all the regions in China, it was the biggest on-air event.

In 1942 and 1944, there were 2 exhibitions associated with the “On air conference”. In recent years, CRAC

organized several events on 5th May every year and designated 5th May as a

Chinese amateur radio festival, called “5.5 festival”.


Due to COVID-19, CRAC called for all amateur radio operators to

stay home to fight for the Conoravirus situation. The 2020 “5.5 festival” was shifted to air waives. 10

stations (B0CRA — B9CRA) across the country will on air

and make QSOs with amateur radio operators all over the world. Operation

period: 0000UTC 1st May to 1200UTC 7th May. QSL via BA1GG.


Log search entry: http://mulandxc.com/crac/view


CRAC provides awards to those who meet the criteria below. Award

application to cq55@crac.org.cn, indicate your callsign, award category and

email address to receive the award. The award application deadline is 30th

September 2020.


Award Rules:


The award will be classified into Bronze, Silver, and Golden,

which will be measured by slots worked. One slot is a combination of a special

call, band, and mode. For example, worked B1CRA in 20m, the SSB model is 1



For All Applicants:


Bronze Award: 20 slots


Silver Award: 40 slots


Golden Award: 50 slots -- Must consist of all 10 special callsign

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