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      Managed by KL7TC
Web: https://www.qrz.com/db/kl7tc
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ITU: 1
County:Fairbanks North Star Borough
QSL via:

FT8/FT4 Operating Tips (my preferences): 

- Use "Hold Tx Freq" and DO NOT TX on my calling frequency

Call me with TX2 to save a step, especially if conditions aren't great.  Going to direct to TX2 puts you up on my calling list!!

- Sometimes if we are having issues completing a contact, sync your clock in the middle of your transmission to me.  I do it when there are issues and for whatever reason, it works many times.

- Turn on your split (I personally only use "Fake It" with my 7610 and 7300).

Operating QTH

KL7TC contacts:  All Alaska except W6 dates listed below

KL7TC/W6 contacts:

  • 22 Dec 2020 - 4 Jan 2021
  • 24 Dec 2019 - 4 Jan 2020

QSL manager for KL7NO (SK).  

Lastest KL7TC contacts in log below


Thanks for visiting my page.yes Please sign my web to say hello and let me know you were here!

I have lived in Alaska since 1982 except for a few years in New Mexico (2003-2006) but was not active on the air. If you have me in the log from 2004-Feb 2019...it was NOT me (see if it was AL7tc).

 Active years:  1983-2003 & 2019-present. 

Licensed in 1983 as a novice (WL7BBB) and became an extra in about 1984.  I actually held WL7BBB & KL7TC at the same time due to an FCC mistake, but picked KL7TC as my final call. 

I have run contests (CQWW & CQWPX) with KL7IRT and KL7RA, but then went inactive from about 2003-2019....and am now back and building up a station at my new house (bp64du and bp64ev) (moved in Sep 2019, right before Alaska winter).

My dad is KL7XD and used his station in North Pole, Alaska (bp64jr) (he is active so you can contact either one of us if you need anything...no 160m at this time).  KL7XO Steve, AL7KC Mike, KL7XD and I text each other for DX (not much activity on the repeaters here).


  • Fairbanks, Alaska - home QTH (Grid BP64ev); (BP64du March 2019-Sep 2019) most of the year.
  • Indio, California for vacation (Grid DM13vr)


  • Direct, Bureau (upon request or after I recieve yours), QRZ, LoTW, eQSL, HRDLog.Net, HAMQTH, QRZCQ, HAMLOG.RU (i upload to whatever sites I discover).

    • Direct -- (USA: SASE // Outside USA: International Stamp or $2 or PayPal (Check Clublog)) for cartoon Alaska card
  • Bureau or Postcard (no sase): plain cards
  • KL7TC/W6: Plain cards and/or LoTW/eQSL
Clubs or Memberships:
  • Ten-Ten #48995
  • ARRL Life Member
  • Arctic Amateur Radio Club -Fairbanks: KL7KC.com
  • North Pole Contest Group (KL7RA) - Kenai, Alaska


  • HF Transceivers: IC-7610/IC-7300/TS-440SAT/FT-857D
  • Antennas: MFJ 1838 Cobweb (6m-40m) @ 60ft/18m; Inv-V for 80m at 55ft and Inv-V for 60m at 55ft.
    • - Summer 2021 Projects:  Erect 70ft tower w/ Mosely TA-54-XL (10m-30m) & 70ft KLM 4el 40m yagi.
  • Amp: SPE Linear Experts 1.5k-FA
  • VHF: FTM-400XDR; FTM-300XDR; 2 x FTM-100DR/DE; HRI-200 Wires-X, FT-3DR,  FT-70DR, FT-736R, FT-857D & OpenSPOT 3 for DMR/Digital
    • Wires-X Room: 64847
    • Wires-X Node: 54847

73 from the Golden Heart City....Fairbanks, Alaska

Bill - KL7TC



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