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QTH:Drouin, Victoria
Web: https://vk3vkk.io/
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Website: VK3VKK.

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I greatly enjoy the world of amateur radio of which I have only recently delved into, whilst playing the odd video-game on the side or doing some programming. The transceiver I use is a Yaesu FT-450D which operates on the HF range along with the 6 m band, and the antenna is a MFJ 1836H cobweb, of which may be seen below. My current QSL card is also visible and is a representation of me as a Dragon :) The final picture is a photograph of my beloved Bearded Dragon, Iggy, whom I adopted in the month of September, 2017. He was approximately five months old at the time and not cared for too well by the pet-store but quickly became spoiled in the care of my family. He had to undergo a number of visits to a specialist veterinary clinic who dealt with reptiles but soon enough, after the passing of some months, quickly became a healthy and feisty little bugger. The photograph below was taken on 11th September, 2018.

For those interested, the artist responsible for my avatar in the top-right is Blackmane (links unavailable as she has since disappeared in the local community) and the artist for my current QSL card is Tahoma, who is simply amazing to work with. I highly recommend him if you wish to obtain a custom card design of your own. I have also started my own business as of late called GekkoFyre Networks, which is a not-for-profit that provides web-services and hosting mainly to the furry community, but anyone is welcome really, no matter your personality and background :)

QSL Card for VK3VKK (stoned Dragon)

-- Phobos A. D'thorga

MFJ-1836H cobweb antenna

Bearded Dragon (Iggy)

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