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***** PLEASE ******

ALL QSLing is via my manager, Bob, N2OO so PLEASE go and look at his QRZ page now, to see what his requirements are BEFORE you send him anything.
And please do not send any QSL's to me either direct or via the VK Bureau because I will be unable to answer them

If electronic confirmation is all you require, I do upload my logs to eQSL and LOTW







Located about 20 minutes east of Launceston in north east Tasmania, the island located just below mainland Australia (OC-006).

The latest addition to the shack ....

Icom 756 Pro III


Current equipment is: Icom 756ProIII running into a ZS6BKW (the computer enhanced G5RV) up about 100 feet strung between some trees.  The ZS6BKW runs east ⇒ west so there is some directionality.

There is also a Mosely 3 element beam on top of a 2 section tower that seems to work quite well too - so all is good 8^)

I Use a Tigertronics SignaLink for digital modes (my current passion).

You will most likely find me on FT8, JT65 or JT9 on 40m - 10m (mostly 40m and 20m) where I use WSJT-X2 and JTALERT3  (JTALERT is a great addition to WSJT-X and if you haven't tried it - then you really should!  Lots and lots of nice additional features for you to play with).  Power out is usually 40 watts with the occasional "splurge" upto 60 watts for a special contact.  Figure if I can't make the contact with 60 watts then bad luck to me.

I am currently swapping between WSJT-X and JTDX1 software, for no other reason than I can.  Both have there plus's and minus's ... I duuno - maybe I'm just wishy-washy and can't make up my mind.  Once I got past the different user interface JTDX is easy enough to use.  JTDX appears, to me anyway, to decode slightly better than WSJT-X.  That is not to say it does, just it appears that way to me.  I also seem to have less Omnirig errors using JTDX than I did when using WSJT-X.  Again, others may disagree, but .... that's the joys of ham radio :-) And before you ask why Omnirig - well I am damned if I can get Hamlib to work any more than a few minutes before throwing up the blue screen of death.  Seems there is something in my setup that disagrees with Hamlib - so its Omnirig for me :)

You will also find me occasionally "fiddling" with Fldigi and it's various modes too.

My logger of choice is Log4OM4 which works nicely with the above 3 programs.

QSL via :

eQSL.cc (automatically)

LOTW - (automatically)

HRDLog.net (automatically)

Bureau - see N2OO for bureau instructions

Direct - - see N2OO for direct instructions

Other interests include motorcycles - I have a Yamaha 1600 Road Star that I don't ride anywhere near enough because .. well .. no real excuse - just slack :)

Latest involvement is with horse and carriages - well pony and carriage to be precise.  We have a shetland pony and a little jog cart that we go wandering around the grounds of a local historical house with ... quite enjoyable pastime ...


1 Download JTDX here

2 Download WSJT-X here

3 Download JT-Alert here

4 Download Log4OM here



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