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Who is PA8E?

As a little kid I was grabbed by the ‘radio virus’ in the early 80’s. I use to own a little transistor radio which I took with me to bed every night. Long after my bedtime I listened to local FM-pirate stations who were talking to each other over the band (duplexing). Many times I’ve tried to build such an FM-transmitter myself. It never worked very well. Also I played around with CB-radio (which was very populair in The Netherlands late 1980's) for a while to talk to some classmates. Then came the girls, mopeds and other teenage distractions. About ten years later the radio virus bubbled up again an this time I got into the study books to get my license.


My call-sign wasn’t always PA8E. I obtained my first (novice) license in 2003 as PD0JMW. In April 2008 I passed my Full-license. My call-sign changed from PD0JMW to PA1JIM. Begin 2017 I changed my call to a more convenient PA8E. Mainly because this call is easier to send in morse code.


I use as main rig an ICOM IC-7610 barefoot. My main antenna is a ZS6BKW-like wire antenne feeded with an ICOM AH-4 coupler to compensate the fact that I can't hang the complete feedline. 

My favourite mode is morse code. If you spot me on the HF-bands, it most likely will be in CW chasing DX or participate in a contest.

Hope to work you next time!

73, Jim PA8E

Source Activity Date time
DXC DX de PA8E: 14191.3 PA03MILL Special Event HAM meets Military 2022-04-01 15:18:00
RBN DX de RK3TD-#: 3562.2 PA8E CW 6 dB 31 WPM CQ 0057Z 2020-11-28 00:57:25
DXC DX de PA8E: 7023.0 E2EUS thnx! 1742Z 2020-11-23 17:42:00
RBN DX de OH6BG-#: 14009.6 PA8E CW 13 dB 25 WPM CQ 1450Z 2020-05-20 14:50:22
RBN DX de HA7GN-#: 14009.6 PA8E CW 8 dB 25 WPM CQ 1450Z 2020-05-20 14:50:21
RBN DX de F5MUX-#: 14009.7 PA8E CW 16 dB 25 WPM CQ 1450Z 2020-05-20 14:50:17
DXC DX de SV3AQT: 18100.0 PA8E FT8 -08dB 2001Hz 1311Z 2020-01-06 13:11:00
DXC DX de SP6EFY: 7074.0 PA8E FT8 -14dB from JO22 2413Hz 0933Z 2019-12-29 09:33:00
DXC DX de PA8E: 1840.0 HB90CXZ FT-8 0521Z 2019-12-01 05:21:00
DXC DX de SV1VS: 10136.0 PA8E FT8 -20dB from JO22 2456Hz 1502Z 2019-11-29 15:02:00
DXC DX de SV1VS: 5357.0 PA8E FT8 -10dB from JO22 2453Hz 1832Z 2019-11-28 18:32:00
DXC DX de OZ2LP: 1840.0 PA8E 0536Z 2019-11-23 05:36:00
DXC DX de PA8E: 7159.0 CT9/OH2LZC 1218Z 2018-08-26 12:18:00